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O3 Solutions makes work packaging easy with the availability to track across Construction Work Areas (CWAs), Construction Work Packages (CWPs), Installation Work Packages (IWPs), Scaffolding Work Packages (SWPs), document management, materials and resources. 

The use of work packaging encourages planning, accuracy and mitigated constraints and roadblocks. Responsibilities do not change for field personnel when employing it but instead make work easier with the assistance of planning, better structure and more resources available.

The Challenges

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  • Manual processes – Scaling AWP at the enterprise level requires automation, it is too cumbersome to manage multiple work packages in Excel

  • Lack of leading indicators – Traditional reporting is rear-facing and out-of-date almost as soon as the report is generated

  • Inaccurate reports – The use of spreadsheets or paper reports increases the likelihood of errors and is very time consuming

  • Lack of measurement – Key performance indicators are not measured consistently across companies, projects, disciplines, or stakeholders

O3's work packaging solution works no matter how big or small your project may be or the  phase of your project. You can initialize a work package framework in the early planning phases or establish a work packaging process even after construction execution is underway.

The Solutions

Work Package Management

  • Approvals

    • Auto-create necessary reviews by package type, discipline, contract, and status

    • Assign Responsibilities and due dates for submission and approval of key items

    • Restrict approval permissions by role, contract, and user to ensure proper completion

    • Utilize notifications and reporting to ensure approvals are completed

  • Status

    • Create custom statuses and workflows to drive fit-for purpose processes and automation

    • Control statuses with rules to ensure process compliance

    • ​Status Reporting Widgets show current, past, and future status of packages across various subsections of the project

  • Master Index

    • Works in concert with the organizations best-of-breed work package creation applications and manual sources, gathering all data in one work package master index

​Tracking & Reporting

  • Delay Tracking

    • Track blocking items at a work package level and report on their effects and trends

  • Rules of Credit, Progressing, Earned Value

    • Automate work planning, estimating, and tracking – rates of placement automatically calculate estimated hours, work steps, and hours for each

    • Award credit in discrete chunks to more accurately describe progressing

  • RFI Tracking

    • Track RFIs throughout their lifecycle and automatically update constraint status on the associated packages

  • Safety Reporting

    • Create a project-level set of behavioral-based safety requirements and perform observations to track compliance

    • Dashboard reporting helps target areas of intervention by area, discipline, contractor, and more​

  • Lookahead Reporting

    • Provides a look at available backlogs and leading indicators to drive readiness for upcoming work


Constraint Management

  • Consolidated constraint lists that support better management across all stakeholders (Owner/EPC, Contractor, Sub-Contractor)

  • Workflows with assignment of Owners, Due Dates and Priorities

  • Task management and automated notifications (in-app alerts, emails, and text messages for high priority items)

  • Specialized constraint review meeting tools and dashboards

  • Automated data collection through integration with related tools

  • Powerful constraint reporting for the WFPlanners, construction management, project MGMT, and others

  • Track the health of the constraint management process using team goals

Key Benefits

The O3 work packaging tool can be used on projects of any size, at operating facilities, brownfield projects and portfolios of small projects (as small as $500k all the way up to giga-projects).

  >  O3 can be used even if you don't have a 3D model

  >  Simple input of Work Packages (digital, not paper!)

  >  Supports ALL work package types (not just Pipe & Steel)

  >  Battle tested in the field with 200,000+ work packages
      created and executed


  >  Full Constraint Management (not just Constraint
      Identification meaning you can assign owners, due dates,
      automatic alerts and reminders, and receive full reporting


  >  Quick startup (kickoff to up and running in 2-4 weeks)

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How can work packaging with O3 support r your project? Download our overview guide to learn more.  

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