Training Management

Education is the Best Indicator of Success

Changing processes or introducing a new way of doing things takes time and effort, and more than a little bit of prodding along the way. It's human nature to resist change, to continue doing things the way they've always been done because, well, sometimes it's easier that way.

Moving from traditional project management, to agile methods, and ensuring best practices are followed can be time consuming and difficult. But the faster everyone learns, the more quickly results and goals can be reached.

The Challenge(s)

  • Manual Tracking – A list of courses, who needs to be trained by when, and understanding goals for training can seem like a full time job. Hours can be wasted simply finding email addresses, sending out reminders, and following up on outstanding training needs. 

  • Unclear Learning Paths – Organizations may have access to educational materials, but don't always know who needs which level of training or how many hours to devote to learning a new process.

  • Undefined Metrics – What does right look like? How will I know when everyone is trained? 

  • Not Everyone is a Training Manager – The majority of the time, the person tasked to monitor the training program and meet training goals aren't even Training Managers. This is just another "side job" they have to manage in their spare time... if it happens at all.

Successful projects are powered by




Automated Training Management reduces the amount of time needed to ensure everyone on the project understands their role in the new process, identifies which courses need to be taken by when, and tracks performance against predetermined goals and objectives.

The Solution

O3 provides Training Management software that takes the guesswork out of learning a new process with: 


  • Course Library Management

  • Role-Based Learning Paths

  • Training Management Dashboards & Reports

  • Training Course Enrollment and Scheduling

  • Estimated Start and End Dates for Course

  • Automated Reminders and Alerts 
    based on predefined objectives

  • Certificate Generation 

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Want to share details about O3's Training Management solution? This one page flyer can be downloaded and shared with others in your organization. 


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