Project Management with O3

Providing real-time visibility into the
overall AWP implementation

In order to drive AWP Program success, clear expectations need to be set of the desired goals and objectives, best practices should be standardized across the enterprise, and stakeholders should be held accountable for their performance.

Risk Register

  • Ability to log and rank risks based on impact and probability.  

  • Users have access to a heat grid easily showing the highest risks and most likely to occur risks to manage and mitigate.

  • Users can input mitigation plans and log resolutions. 

Approval Management

  • Users can create approval workflows in O3 for items such as documents and other project deliverables.

  • Approvals show up as a task for assigned individuals with due dates to ensure everyone knows where an item is in the approval process. 

  • Users can input mitigation plans and log resolutions. 

Successful projects are powered by




oversight &

Issues Log 

  • Users have the ability to create, edit, and closeout actions, issues, decisions, studies, and any other item that requires attention.

  • Issue types are fully configurable based on client needs.

  • An easy way to track tasks and activities across multiple contractors so that PMs and stakeholders work from a global consolidated live database.

Tracking Project Goals 


  • Ability to enter custom goals for your project.


  • Users can track goal progress through a series of milestones.

  • Easy to see progress made toward custom goals in real-time. 

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AWP Oversight & Visibility 

Project Scorecard.PNG


Understand current state and forecast
how you will perform
in the future 
with leading

constrained volumes reporting.png

Constraint Management

Identify and
manage issues
that delay
or stop work with assigned owners
and due dates

CWP Grid.png

AWP Master

Get one view of all Work Packages ensuring up-to-date information on requirements and dependencies


Receive alerts
when required
data is not
complete or
fresh based
on project needs

Training Dashboard.png

Training Management

Track project, team, and
individual progress towards training
goals and
correlate success

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