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AWP Best Practices Support Leading Indicators 

Traditional, lagging project indicators provide a rear-facing view of project issues. By establishing AWP best practices and creating standards for planning and executing work, projects can leverage leading, predictive analytics to identify and resolve problems before they impact productivity. O3 is purpose-built to leverage the structure and data provided by AWP to enable these predictive analytics.

The Challenge(s)

  • Manual processes – Scaling AWP at the enterprise level requires automation, impossible to be supported manually.

  • Lack of leading indicators – Traditional rear-facing, lagging indicators do not support forecasting.

  • Lack of access for stakeholders – Most tools and applications do not aggregate or allow access to data necessary for all players involved: Owner, EPCs, Contractors, and Subcontractors.

  • No measurement – Key performance indicators are not measured consistently across companies, projects, disciplines, or stakeholders.

Successful projects are powered by


leading indictators


These challenges result in expensive, high-touch, manual approaches to driving AWP adoption that are inherently non-scalable.

The Solution

O3 is the only tool designed specifically to measure the health and adoption of AWP and support leading indicators for real-time insights into project performance. O3 offers an automated AWP approach that leverages existing tools to remove the need for human intervention in the data collection and analysis process.


  • Leading performance indicators based on corporate objectives, AWP best practices, and project-specific metrics.

  • Role-specific dashboards and scorecards for all project stakeholders.

  • Task management and automated notifications (in-app alerts, emails, and text messages for high priority items).

  • Ability to easily consume work package data from multiple systems based on data requirements.

  • View of all the information needed to course-correct and optimize AWP outcomes as needed.

  • Library of more than 400 AWP best practices documented by the Construction Industry Institute.

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How can our predictive analytics solution impact your AWP project? Download our overview guide to learn more.  

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