O3 for Owner / Operators

Oversight & Visibility for Your AWP Program

O3 helps Owners of industrial capital assets manage their Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) program by setting the conditions for success during implementation, facilitating best practice adherence during execution, driving continuous improvement, and scaling across the enterprise over time. 

Maximizing the benefits of AWP requires adjusting the way  Owners deliver projects from concept through commissioning.  

The Challenge(s)

  • AWP is a project execution methodology that spans the entire project lifecycle; many Contractors only focus on WorkFace Planning (WFP)

  • Any project or facility implementing an AWP program must manage multiple stakeholders with varying degrees of AWP maturity

  • Implementing AWP requires the support of more than one tool and work packages live in disparate systems that do not communicate

  • Discerning where your company is in the AWP adoption process is complex and subjective

  • Current project controls reporting is rear facing and based on lagging indicators which do not reflect the new AWP perspective of predictive, leading indicators 

Successful projects are powered by




O3 is the only tool designed specifically to measure the health and adoption of AWP as a methodology. 

The Solution

O3 offers an automated approach that minimizes the need for manual data collection and analysis and presents a single, comprehensive view of your AWP program with:


  •  a top down, programmatic approach to implementing  AWP across the entire organization

  • outcomes tracking against corporate-level objectives based on specific, detailed project data

  • AWP best practice tools for owners such as early stage planning and interactive project planning

  • stakeholder specific AWP scorecards that visualize AWP adherence based on a library of best practices

  • an AWP Master Index that provides a consolidated database of all work packages and their relationships

  • the ability to easily consume and manage AWP data from multiple project systems

  • AWP training management to facilitate adoption

  • role specific project and AWP dashboards that provide leading indicators for all stakeholders 

Key Features

Project Scorecard.PNG


Understand current state and forecast
how you will perform
in the future 
with leading

constrained volumes reporting.png

Constraint Management

Identify and
manage issues
that delay
or stop work with assigned owners
and due dates

CWP Grid.png

AWP Master

Get one view of all Work Packages ensuring up-to-date information on requirements and dependencies


Receive alerts
when required
data is not
complete or
fresh based
on project needs

Training Dashboard.png

Training Management

Track project, team, and
individual progress towards training
goals and
correlate success

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