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Operations & Maintenance

Tool Time tracking is used to measure how well current processes enable field labor productivity. With safety and productivity in mind, O3Go™ allows field personnel to log real-time tool time observations in the field and view reports, analytics, and trends over time. 

The Challenge

Manual, paper-based, tool time data collection is time consuming and error prone. Field observers need a portable and easy-to-use tool to log the hundreds of observations necessary for accurate analysis in order to identify opportunities for productivity improvement.

The Solutions

Using ONTools™ with O3Go, you can move away from clipboards and into digital data collection. By collecting data directly in the field, your project team can view real-time observations at the workface. ONTools with O3Go provides automatically updated information with live feedback from the field to identify potential issues. Once you have reached a pre-determined confidence level and have collected enough readings to achieve statistical significance, you know you have enough information to make well-informed decisions.  

ONTools reporting supports “drill down” capabilities to dive deep into the details to understand specifically where attention is needed and “roll up” functionality to view data across multiple areas, disciplines, projects, or portfolios. You can also view comparisons against baseline data, company averages, and previous performance.


Log Tool Time Observations 

  • View recent readings to determine where and when to perform observations  

  • Log observations by project, discipline, unit, area, or Contractor  

  • Easily record data through pre-populated dropdown lists and auto-captured fields (i.e. GPS location)  

  • Attach photos and files to observations  

  • Clone readings for faster data collection​

O3 has developed training materials for observers to get your program started quickly!

Supporting Services

O3 will help you deploy a tool time tracking program in alignment with your company's goals. This package includes implementation, training, adoption services, and in-app client support. 

  • Define implementation schedule, training schedule, and success criteria.

  • Configure O3Go server and tablet settings with permissions and required data inputs.

  • Advise client on program criteria based on Best Practices, Lessons Learned, and data confidence levels.

  • Train field operators on the tablet interface. Train project leads and executives on server-side reporting and analytics.

  • Provide adoption services to measure system optimization and help users through the change management process. 


The implementation and training cycles for ONTools™ are typically short and sweet. The biggest barriers to a light-weight deployment include hardware procurement preparation (iPads) or lack of field-level buy-in. 


Implementation will align with entry into the execution phase of the project. Once a project reaches 360+ readings, executives can begin fully utilizing the data analytics and understand tool time norms.     

Expected Benefits

Live-Data Reports

Identify Procedural Jobsite Issues


Productivity Roadblocks

Identify Training Needs

Compare Norms to Baselines

Reduce Time & Costs


Tool time at a manufacturing site increased 7% in the first 3 months using O3Go!

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