Standardize Advanced Work Packaging
Across Your Organization

According to the Construction Industry Institute, Owners, EPC firms, and Contractors have started to realize the benefits of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), with some seeing savings up to 10% of the project's Total Install Cost and productivity increases up to 25%.

The Challenge

Although the upside is significant, many times these savings can't come to fruition unless your entire organization is committed to delivering the AWP process. But how will you know if your project or organization is truly adopting this new method? There are multiple stakeholders with critical deliverables that must work together to achieve success. How will you know if you're on the right track?

The Solution

O3's ONPlan solution was purpose-built to consume data from existing tools throughout the entire lifecycle of a project to identify potential areas of improvement, help track and manage work across multiple teams and work package types, and manage any constraints that might be holding up work.

The ONPlan Solution includes:


  • AWP best practice library with metrics and goals

  • Visibility across the project or portfolio at executive, manager, team, or role level

  • Dashboards with filters, date range settings, and access to 500+ predefined widgets

  • Automated reporting based on user preferences

By combining technology and automation
with AWP best practices, O3 clients see

as much as a 25:1 Return on Investment.


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