Ensure Your Team is Trained and Ready for the Job at Hand

Owners, EPC Firms, and Contractors benefit from structured course training on implementing new processes or technology. O3 provides a purpose-built platform to help manage and track training progress to support successful change management.

The Challenge

Learning a new process like Advanced Work Packaging or Agile Project Management can be daunting, especially in an organization with multiple stakeholders, disciplines, skill sets, and responsibilities. Manual course tracking, unclear learning paths and milestones, and undefined metrics make it difficult to asses where you are on the journey. In addition, not everyone is a training manager, so they are not always sure where to start to build an effective training plan.

The Solution

O3's ONCourse solution is designed for companies big and small that need assistance in course management and training for new processes and technologies. Our platform is built to support an entire project no matter where they are on the learning curve and all stakeholders involved. The solution includes:

The ONCourse Solution includes:


  • Load courses with pre-requisites to guide course attendees Identify who should take which course, by when

  • Design and download completion certificates for each course

  • Easily contact attendees using automated calendar invitations and emails straight out of O3

  • Easily track attendance and completions from a single platform

  • Specify courses for particular locations, roles, and contractors

Education is the best leading indicator for success. Stay ONCourse and take the guesswork out of learning new procedures or technology.


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