Tool Time Tracking with O3Go

Mobile Measurement in the Field 

Tool Time tracking is used to measure how well current processes enable field labor productivity. With safety and productivity in mind, O3Go™allows field personnel to log real-time tool time observations in the field and view reports, analytics, and trends over time.

The Challenge(s)

  • Data Collection – Manual, paper-based, tool time data collection is time-consuming and error-prone.

  • Tool Time Reporting – Feedback can be highly manual and limited to only a few charts and graphs. Plus, most data is still being captured in multiple spreadsheets. 

  • Field Observations – Most field observers find it difficult to be in the field to capture ongoing data in real-time. 

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Field observers need a portable and easy-to-use
tool to log the hundreds of observations necessary for accurate analysis in order to identify opportunities for productivity improvement.

The Solution

O3Go™ removes the need for clipboards in the field by allowing users to record tool time observations at the workface. Readings are automatically collected and updated in real-time, allowing users to access dynamic dashboards and reports right on their mobile device.   


  • View recent readings to determine where and when to perform observations.

  • Compare tool time across projects, disciplines, units, areas, or contractor.

  • View and log observations by project, discipline, unit, area, or contractor.

  • View statistical accuracy of readings.

  • Clone existing dashboards or create personal views using the extensive widget library.

  • Analyze data based on filters and preferences.

  • Compare data across the entire portfolio to understand which best practices and processes result in higher tool time.

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