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Zero to Scalable AWP Program in 6 Months for Portfolio Projects

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Operations & Maintenance

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) has been identified as an industry best practice by the Construction Industry Institute as a way to address all of these issues and more.


However, some project teams are unsure of where to start. Between defining processes, identifying tools that support AWP, and getting the project stakeholders on the same page, implementing a new way of executing projects seems daunting. 

The Challenge

Operations and Maintenance Projects continue to struggle with limited  visibility into project performance, a lack of standardization and too many  manual error-prone processes, and misunderstood expectations  between Owners and Construction Contractors. 

The Solutions

Leveraging AWP technology solutions and templates that have already been created by Subject Matter Experts, your project is well positioned to get started quickly. The following technology solutions will be supported by a suite of services, dedicated resources, and deliverables to meet the needs of the project at each project stage gate. 


ONPlan™ - Advanced Work Packaging Standardization Across the Organization 

  •  AWP Health & Management Diagnostics

  • AWP Best Practices Library 

  • Scorecards for All Project Stakeholders

  • AWP Master Index of All Package Types

  • Interactive Planning Sessions

  •  Action Item Tracking & Meeting Dashboards 

FASTForward to the benefits of AWP.

Supporting Services

This package includes implementation, training, adoption services, and in-app client support.

  • Define implementation schedule, training schedule, and success criteria

  • Configure O3 with permissions, work package requirements, and constraint settings

  • Train Workface Planners how to create and manage Installation Work Packages in O3

  • Train leadership and managers how to access and build standard AWP dashboards and reports

  • Provide adoption services to measure system optimization and help users through the change management process

  • Define a successful model to implement AWP / WFP processes and measure progress during the entire implementation 


The goal for the implementation schedule is to get to Go Live and IWP creation as quickly as possible.  O3 will train Workface Planners side-by-side in the field and report out to stakeholders each month. 


After 6 months, O3 resources will hand-over the program to the Operating Facility AWP Champion. O3 will continue to audit O3 data for any issues and can extend onsite resources if there are significant change management challenges. 

Expected Benefits

Optimize Portfolio Performance

Visibility Into Work Package Type

Scalable and Repeatable Processes

Collaboration and Structure During Planning 

"Right Size" AWP by Project

Institutionalize AWP Knowledge

Capture ROI and Outcomes for AWP Program


With less than a 1% TIC investment, projects realize
an 8-15% Savings over the project duration.

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