Digital Meeting Management

Take your meetings fully digital
with real-time project updates 

Using agile methodologies, O3 empowers meeting leaders to go fully digital through our platform, providing real-time insight and visualization into your project timelines and deliverables. 

The Challenge(s)

  • Review meetings – Meeting leaders are forced to use traditional methods such as "war rooms" or whiteboards to scope out projects and manage teams. Trying to get everyone in the same room at the same time can be difficult. 

  • Traditional reporting– Meeting leaders have to view manually created reports and spend the majority of their time validating the information that's not complete and accurate. 

  • Inconsistent information – Each role, discipline and/or contractor on a project has their own fields/frequency/format for data and reports, making it difficult to compare or analyze information.

Successful projects are powered by




O3 can take your meetings into a digital space
with real-time project updates, collaboration and
executive dashboards to better manage your
AWP and agile-related projects. 

The Solution

  • Users across multiple companies and contractors can view and update agenda items, action items, and vital data to run smoother meetings straight from O3.

  • As action items are identified and issues are resolved, users can update in O3 in real-time. 

  • O3 will work with teams and specific stakeholders to
    configure digital meeting dashboards based on out-ofthe-box default templates and widgets.

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