Must-Haves Checklists

The essentials to success with Advanced Work Packaging

The following downloadable lists include the must-haves for each topic to achieve maximum success

with implementing an Advanced Work Packaging program.

If you can't check the boxes on these must-haves, then it's time to schedule a demo with O3.



AWP Strategic Roadmap

Are you using a detailed and clear strategy to implement your Advanced Work Packaging program? 


Digital Reporting & Analytics

Are you using automated reports and analytics to track real-time progress and statuses on your project? 


Training Management

Are you using a tool to track your training program including course management, learning and reporting dashboards? 


Constraint Management

Are you utilizing a centralized and automated system to manage constraints across all stakeholders?


Are you using best practices and standards across your AWP program to ensure quality control for data and reporting?


Project Management Tools

Are you using a single-sign-on software to manage your team and projects? 

Work Packaging

Does your Work Packaging tool have automated approvals, status/workflow, progressing, RFI Tracking, and more? 

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