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Must Haves Checklists

The essentials to success with Advanced Work Packaging

The following lists include the must haves for each to achieve maximum success

with implementing an Advanced Work Packaging program.

If you can't check off each item for your project then it's time to request an O3 Demo. 



Advanced Work Packaging

  • AWP outcomes defined, determine roles and responsibilities, an effective contract strategy, an education and training plan and a roadmap and milestones required for AWP implementation. 

  • AWP framework: work package templates, Work Breakdown Structure (to support AWP), plan for estimating and scheduling, and data to support all 

  • Roles and responsibilities clearly defined for all parties responsible - including internal and external resources

  • A fully developed education and training plan that includes AWP fundamentals

  • Tools and technology to support AWP best practices, data, team collaboration, project visibility and tracking

Work Packaging

  • Ability to gain visibility into status, leading indicators and health of the AWP process

  • Track across construction, installation and scaffolding work packages, construction work areas, documents, materials and more​

  • Track approvals with automatic reviews by package type, discipline, contract and status

  • Assign responsibilities and due dates for submission

  • Restrict approval permissions by role, contract and user

  • Notifications to alert when an approval is complete

Constraint Management

  • Consolidated constraint lists that support better management

  • Workflows for Owners, Due Dates and Priorities Task management

  • Specialized constraint review meeting tools and dashboards

  • Automated data collection through integration with related tools

  • Powerful constraint reporting for WFPlanners and others

  • Ability to track the health of constraint management process

Agile Project Management

  • Adhering to best practices

  • Fully automated meetings with robust reporting analytics

  • Real-time visibility into the health of your agile implementation

  • Single sign-on access to a platform that allows you to view information quickly and easily

Training Management

  • Track project, team and individual progress toward training goals and correlate success

Project Management Tools

  • Easily track risks, issues, approvals and items due with reminders and notifications

Digital Reporting and Analytics

  • Establishing AWP best practices and standards at concept leverages leading, predictive analytics to identify and resolve problems before they impact productivity.

  • O3's digital platform drives metrics down to the individual work package level rather than looking at general high-level project performance.

  • O3 is the only tool designed to measure the health and adoption of AWP.

  • O3 is built specifically to support leading indicators for real-time insights. 

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