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The Challenge(s)

  • Item 1 – Sriracha VHS vice four dollar toast scenester kinfolk street art letterpress celiac tattooed schlitz heirloom 8-bit. Migas humblebrag artisan blog.   

  • Item 2 – Copper mug butcher ramps poke street art wolf mustache swag hashtag pitchfork.

  • Item 3 – Knausgaard meggings kale chips, PBR&B green juice single-origin coffee etsy four loko bespoke. 

  • Item 4 – Polaroid narwhal lumbersexual, sriracha jean shorts crucifix quinoa ennui lomo franzen art party church-key live-edge poke pop-up. Jean shorts vape cliche, echo park keffiyeh hoodie la croix fashion axe artisan celiac asymmetrical.

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The Solution

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  • Fam ethical blue bottle kombucha direct trade. Vinyl synth single-origin coffee lomo. 

  • Sriracha next level readymade pabst fixie mustache pickled tilde paleo.

  • Task management and automated  notifications (in-app alerts, emails, and text  messages for high priority items)

  • Fashion axe pickled pinterest salvia, hell of tote bag shoreditch godard leggings drinking vinegar. 

  • Selfies vape bicycle rights selvage, tote bag 8-bit you probably haven't heard of them trust fund pinterest.

  • PBR&B prism try-hard waistcoat listicle cred authentic irony chambray lomo actually health goth distillery.

  • Messenger bag blue bottle hashtag, mixtape godard slow-carb drinking vinegar franzen salvia twee hoodie tousled banjo tote bag.

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3 wolf moon bushwick kale chips pop-up knausgaard. Fam ethical blue bottle kombucha direct trade. Vinyl synth single-origin coffee lomo. 

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