Constraint Management

Move Beyond Manual Processes

Project teams try to “manage” constraints in spreadsheets and WorkFace Planning tools leading to multiple versions of the truth, inefficient data entry, ineffective Constraint Review meetings, and ultimately a reduction in the benefits of AWP and a decrease in construction productivity.

The Challenge(s)

  • Best Practice – Identifying constraints in an Excel checklist is not sufficient. True Constraint Management requires workflows, notifications and automation.   

  • Installation Work Packages Only – WorkFace Planning tools only support Installation Work Package (IWP) constraints leaving out other package entirely.

  • Limited Disciplines – Work Packaging tools only contain data for piping and structural steel, leaving out other non-3D model disciplines completely.  

  • Restricted Access – The people responsible for clearing constraints are not WorkFace Planners and do not have access to construction automation tools.  

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Successful and scalable AWP implementation requires oversight reporting based on data consumed from transactional tools across the entire project lifecycle.  
O3 acts as a connector of data, ensuring that all AWP systems and tasks are aligned across the project

The Solution

O3 offers purpose-built Constraint Management software that works across all Work Package types from Concept through Commissioning.  


  • Consolidated constraint lists that support better management across all stakeholders  (Owner, EPC, Contractor, Sub-Contractor)

  • Workflows with assignment of Owners, Due  Dates, and Priorities

  • Task management and automated  notifications (in-app alerts, emails, and text  messages for high priority items)

  • Specialized Constraint Review meeting  tools and dashboards  

  • Automated data collection through  integration with related tools 

  • Powerful constraint reporting for WorkFace  Planners, construction management, project  management, and other roles 

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Want to share details about O3's Constraint Management solution? This one page flyer can be downloaded and shared with others in your organization. 


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