AWP Master Index 

A Single Repository for All Work Package Types

Successful and scalable AWP implementation requires
a repository that consumes data from various transactional tools and manually updated spreadsheets to act as a connector, ensuring all work packages are aligned across the project.

The Challenge(s)

  • Data Across Multiple Sources – Work Packages live in non-integrated systems or spreadsheets and are not accessible to all stakeholders due to limited system logins or personal spreadsheets. 

  • Duplicated Efforts – Changes can be made to multiple Work Packages without the knowledge and feedback of all affected project roles. 

  • Lack of Collaboration – No collaboration to resolve changes in dependencies and requirements before it affects the project directly.

Successful projects are powered by




Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) spans across the entire
project lifecycle from concept through commissioning. Until now, each work package type lived in multiple systems, disparate spreadsheets, and had multiple versions. Project stakeholders need one master list of all work packages and their relationships.

The Solution

O3’s AWP Master Index is system aware, which means it knows all systems and tools that contain information on different work package types.  


  • Works in concert with the organization’s best-of-breed
    work package creation applications and manual

  • Absorbs Work Package data from various sources via flat-file imports or direct integrations using a proprietary RESTful API.

  • Ability to create and manage Work Packages directly into O3, in the absence of an existing tool.

  • One view of all Work Packages with a single O3 login, ensuring every AWP role has up-to-date information on package requirements and dependencies.

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Interested in sharing more about AWP Master Index with your organization? Download our overview guide. 

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