Challenges Implementing Agile Project Management & Advanced Work Packaging Methods

Without oversight, visibility, and automation, Owners & Contractors can't meaningfully address the change from traditional project planning methods to agile project planning or Advanced Work Packaging methodologies.


These are a few examples of the challenges O3 can help address.



Important project data has been stored for years in disparate spreadsheets, scattered pieces of paper, and in peoples heads.

O3 gets all of that great information into one collaborative space that's easy to manage.



Traditional project management generally means paper forms, phone calls, and multiple meetings to get updates. 

With O3, you can digitize your meetings, get updates in a glance, and automate repetitive processes.


A major hurdle when changing processes is defining new standards based on best practices. 


O3 helps define what is right for your project and creates leading indicators to let you know when you're meeting goals. 


Implementing a new process requires collaboration across multiple roles, disciplines, and companies. Without clear expectations defined, confusion sets in. 

O3 works with all stakeholders to define expectations and incorporate those into the implementation plan.

Who is O3? 

O3 helps Owners, EPCs, and Contractors working on industrial capital assets maximize their Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) program by setting the conditions for success during implementation, facilitating best practice adherence during execution, driving continuous improvement, and scaling over time. O3 adds value to all stages of AWP maturity. No matter where you are in your AWP journey, we can help you automate and scale your AWP program.

Built for your unique workflows

At O3, we understand the unique challenges you face. See how we can help you. 

Our Solutions



Consume data through existing tools throughout the entire life cycle of a project.



For companies big or small in course management and training for new processes and technologies.



Track, manage and organize team goals through digitization and automation. 



Collaboration using robust task management capabilities, risk mitigation tools, and dashboard reporting.



Real-time observations in the field with tablets and provides reports in a digital dashboard.



Consume data from existing tools, help track and manage work across  teams and work packages, and manage constraints.


  • AWP best practice library with metrics and goals

  • Visibility across the project or portfolio at executive, manager, team, or role level

  • Dashboards with filters, date range settings, and access to 500+ predefined widgets

  • Automated reporting based on user preferences

What O3 Clients Are Saying 

Project Manager  

"The ability to use actions, decisions, and risk tracking across all contractors and companies in O3 will save me 30 minutes a day over the course of 4 years. No more combining master spreadsheets and posting on clunky shared sites" 

EPC Project User

"I'm looking forward to using O3 dashboards in our meetings. This will provide great visibility into what is going on"

Project Owner/Operator

"When our global leader can pull up a dashboard and see how all of his projects are performing on tool time metrics, that is a HUGE value to our business."

Strong Industry Partnerships

O3 is honored to work alongside pioneers and subject matter experts in the field of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning.


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